Special edition: Globish

This unit will be about  Globish which can be discussed in Interconnected Spaces and Places and Forms of Power…

All the documents can be found in Globish

or in the play list

First step: Investigating documents

In this step, we will discuss about the different possible primary sources to look for and about how to deal with them:

Primary source (a mind map which can be modified with the students’ answers)

Second step: Reading strategies

Discussion and activities with globish(two small texts) with two possible approaches:

1. Anticipation with the title, highlighting proper nouns, numbers, transparent words, linking these elements to build a summary

2. Anticipation with the title, first reading with focus on where/when/who/what, questions about difficult passages.

Reading a personal text using one’s own approach and being able to make an oral presentation

Third step: Watching strategies

Discussion about the approach.

Practice with an example:

Fourth step: Creating a file for the exam

Choosing two documents ( two texts / one text and one video (from the pearltrees))

Looking for a personal document

Finding a question

Writing an introduction and a conclusion

In this step, individual help

As an assessment, a simulation of the oral exam.


  1. hi, thanks for the videos on Globish, very interesting. I studied this topic last year and then added a text on Americanism/Britishism and finished with a debate: should teachers teach Globish instead of English? (had great fun)


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